“I am working with Tim Rouse, the Pro at Northants County Golf Club, and he has turned my game around culminating in me winning the 2016 Senior Open Championship and the 2018 Seniors PGA Championship.”

Paul Broadhurst

Paul Broadhurst professional golfer past Ryder Cup player. Paul won six times on the European Tour and, since turning 50, has had 4 wins on European Senior Tour, 1 on the USA PGA Champions Tour including the 2016 Senior Open Championship at Carnoustie and the 2018 Seniors PGA Championship.

“I visited the Swing Studio and was amazed at the quality equipment and then the analysis I received. I initially went for a wedge review and learned I had major gaps. Was fitted up correctly with 2 gap wedges that have made a real difference by helping me understand my distances. Great coaching during fitting. So impressed also got a new fitted rescue club and a different one to the one I would have chosen after being fitted correctly. Fitting really improved my all round game.”

Kevin Coles

“The facility is excellent and as good as anything I have come across in the UK. Whether you are looking for coaching or club fitting the team have the knowledge and expertise to help.”

Andrew Cockerill

“I have had the benefit of coaching from Mark for a number of months. Having previously had some golf coaching which I saw little benefit from it was immediately clear that Mark very quickly identified the cause of my faults! What has then made the difference is Mark’s ability to keep the instruction simple, breaking the solution down into easily understandable and achievable fixes. Equally he explained to me how to make best use of the launch monitor data and as a result my swing is continuing to improve and I am now confident that my handicap will now reduce too.”

Nathan Dennis

“A fantastic coaching facility, with the very latest technology at hand sharing all your stats. Mark’s coaching skills are of the highest standard and a visit is highly recommended.”

Paul Walters

“The swing studio has helped with my swing and confidence over the winter months when lessons outside have not been viable. It is a great opportunity to learn club distances in a warm environment but also have the opportunity to open up the doors enabling you to use the driving range with shelter from the rain. Feedback from my coach has helped to build and maintain knowledge about my golf and grow confidence especially in my approach shot. A fantastic opportunity to tweak and improve your golf swing.”

Viv McManus

“The teaching facilities, in particular the swing studio, are very impressive and this is coupled with excellent coaching from Mark Norton.  Videos and key points from the lessons are invaluable and a constant reference point to keep improving your game.”

Anesh Patel

“The video notes we receive after the lesson are a very useful reminder that means that the practise between lessons is effective.”

Andy Billson

“Being able to measure progress using the Coach Now software in the Swing Studio through the long winter months, has proved invaluable. Marks expertise & ability to get the very best out of a player has resulted in increased confidence & consistency & bodes well for the season ahead.”

James Strickland

“I think the swing studio is a fantastic facility. It’s all weather and I particularly liked the fact that you could express my swing in exact terms using the wealth of data available from the equipment you have. The follow up lesson notes you provide me are of great benefit, particularly the audio and video, which enables me to effectively re-visit the lesson in my own time.”

Chris Pyne

“Mark my coach is patient and supportive and always takes time to understand my game. The technology in the swing studio has been excellent support and aided my progression.”

K Amos

“The fitting and coaching levels at the Swing Studio are fantastic with such high levels of knowledge to help advise on equipment and to help you with understanding your swing. It's helped me drop 5 shots off my handicap in the last year. I would recommend them to anybody playing any level of golf.”

Michael Bell

“I have had the pleasure of using the NCGC Swing Studio on many occasions since it was built for a variety of reasons. These have included lessons with Mark Norton, club fitting with Lewis White & for general sim play when the weather has been too poor to use the main course.

The ability to play, test clubs or have lessons in any weather conditions has improved my game considerably & it is having access to such a facility that really sets NCGC apart from the rest.”

David Gauntlett

“Lesson flexibility during winter, better distance awareness, fitting for new clubs, all leading to handicap reduction, thanks to the use of the Swing Studio, Equipment and coach!”

Andrea Alston