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It is our goal to provide you with a first-rate fitting experience. With our wide selection of models, shafts and grips we are confident we can fine tune the right specifications to suit you and your game. Our indoor/outdoor swing studio allows you to observe the ball fly down the range as well as watching it on our software.

We fit using Sports GCQuad technology as we believe this gives us the most accurate data when fitting your clubs.

Launch Monitor Technology

In the ProFitting Bay we use the high tech GCQuad from Foresight Sports.

With the GCQuad, you can practice or play golf in any environment with equally trusted results. Outdoors, the portable GCQuad's exclusive self-leveling technology provides verifiably accurate results on every surface and on every shot. Indoors, the GCQuad produces the most accurate measurements of ball characteristics at launch - period.


Ball Flight Analysis

The most important step in the process is Ball Flight Analysis. During this step we will utilise a variety of clubs with slightly different specifications to isolate each fitting variable and determine the combination of lie, club length, shaft type and flex, club model and grip size that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your desired ball flight.

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Make the most of your Fitting

Enjoy refreshments in our Clubhouse following your journey, while our conversation starts with gathering information on your golfing background. Then warm up with some complimentary balls on the range before starting your fit. During your fit we will identify your current ball flight tendencies, equipment likes and dislikes along with your needs and preferences from new equipment.

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30 Minute Appointment - £30
this is tailored for golfers looking for an individual Iron or a Metal Wood fitting.

£15 voucher with delivery if you order one or more clubs.

60 Minute Appointment - £50
this is tailored for golfers looking for multiple product offerings, as well as a complete 14-club fitting experience.

£25 voucher with delivery of your order.

90 Minute Appointment - £70
this is tailored for golfers looking for and testing multiple product offerings.

Other options include wedge gapping, learn your distances and loft and lie adjustments.

£35 voucher with delivery of your order.

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