Making An Appointment

Book your Fitting

  • Free range balls to loosen up before fitting
  • Indoor/outdoor swing studio
  • NEW Foresight Sports GCQuad
  • Custom fit evaluation
  • Club distance analysis
  • Use of Srixon golf balls and test the ball of choice

30 Minute Appointment - £30
this is tailored for golfers looking for an individual Iron or a Metal Wood fitting.

60 Minute Appointment - £50
this is tailored for golfers looking for multiple product offerings, as well as a complete 14-club fitting experience.

90 Minute Appointment - £70
this is tailored for golfers looking for and testing multiple product offerings.

Other options include wedge gapping, learn your distances and loft and lie adjustments.

The Essentials - Please bring with you

Your current (full set) of clubs, this will allow Lewis our Custom Fitting Specialist to assess your current set and allow them to see how they are performing for you.

Golf shoes, these are always best to recreate how you play and give you grip on the the different surfaces.

Glove, (if you wear one).

Appropriate clothing, you will be using a number of different clubs throughout the experience so please wear what you feel most comfortable in (if you plan to use the club house on your visit there is a dress code of no jeans or trainers and shirts must have a collar).

Your Appointment Experience

Your appointment will last 30, 60 minutes or 90 minutes depending on your type of requirements.

Please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your fitting, as the timings are exactly as stated above, and we would like you to warm up.

All ball flight and club head dynamics are analysed by our industry leading launch monitor technology.

We are looking forward to helping your game, please click here to help us start the process.