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The head custom fitter here at Pro Fitting is Lewis White.

Lewis joined us from Titliest following a 3 year appointment as one of their qualified specialist custom fitters. Lewis an accomplished plus 3 handicap golfer is proving to be a popular choice with club golfers and Tour Professionals alike, who seek out his expertise and advice on equipment.

Working in our state of the art swing studio, Lewis offers first rate facilities to ensure you are thoroughly comfortable with your fitting. The experience offers a wide range of brands, models, grips and shafts. During the indoor/ outdoor experience Lewis will match the ball you play with or suggest one for you from observing the ball flight down the range and results of each shot shown on the monitors. To complete the experience we also offer the option of striking balls from the strike matt and turf.

Custom fitting can encompass all clubs in the bag from Driver to Putter with further services offered such as loft & lie checks, wedge gapping, full set gapping and ball testing. Our indoor/outdoor swing studio allows for flexible appointments to suit your diary.

Lewis White


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  • Free range balls to loosen up before fitting
  • Indoor/outdoor swing studio
  • NEW Foresight Sports GCQuad
  • Custom fit evaluation
  • Club distance analysis
  • Use of Srixon golf balls and test the ball of choice

30 Minute Appointment - £30
this is tailored for golfers looking for an individual Iron or a Metal Wood fitting.

£15 voucher with delivery if you order one or more clubs.

60 Minute Appointment - £50
this is tailored for golfers looking for multiple product offerings, as well as a complete 14-club fitting experience.

£25 voucher with delivery of your order.

90 Minute Appointment - £70
this is tailored for golfers looking for and testing multiple product offerings.

Other options include wedge gapping, learn your distances and loft and lie adjustments.

£35 voucher with delivery of your order.

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